River City on the Fly

I only have basic cable — don’t even have CNN headline news, that’s how basic. I was the last one in the nest to get a DVD player. Heck, I don’t even know what TiVo is. But there is one new-fangled gadget I have taken to and that’s my MP3 player. You might think it difficult to listen to headphones while zipping through the air, but try it sometime … you’ll be surprised.

My favorite aspects of MP3-type players are the ability to subscribe — for free — to podcasts and to listen to audio books. It’s so easy, too, even a canary can do it. All you do is plug in and you’re ready to fly.

I am pleased to report that River City Books has its own podcast, River City Ruminations. To subscribe, free of charge, either search in iTunes or, and this is even more handy, click the link on the iTunes icon on the right-hand side of this page (about half-way down).

Say, before I hit the sky, I’d like to thank to this local company for help provided during the process of setting up the RCBlog and River City Ruminations. I also appreciate the post to one of my favorite sites (in addition to this one, of course).

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