Your Graduation Gift Headquarters

present.jpgIt’s a fact that has been confirmed by numerous studies conducted by people much smarter than me: The best gift you can give a graduate is a large wad of cash. Short of that, the next best gift idea is a great book.

At River City Books, they make graduation gift-giving so easy. You walk in, you pick out a book. (If you need help deciding on a book, the good folks at RCB can provide necessary assistance. Or, you can always buy a gift card in any denomination.) After purchase, an RCB bookseller will happily cover the book(s) with stylish wrapping paper — for free! If you want, you can also pick out a greeting card.

No kidding, I have done all of these steps in 11 minutes and 14 seconds, and the graduates have no idea I didn’t spend all afternoon. Besides, they’re so happy with the gift they don’t even think of anything else. OK, maybe they think about a few other things. But let’s not quibble with semantics. Just remember that if you need a great gift fast, you can do a lot worse.

Note: The graphical image included in this entry does not represent an actual gift purchased at River City Books.

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