Solving the Riddle

code.JPGSay you’re like me and over the holiday weekend you were dragged to the latest Tom Hanks vehicle, but, sadly, you’re one of the 129 people on the planet who hasn’t yet read The Da Vinci Code and during the movie, when the dialogue was unclear or the scenes blended together like bird seed and pebbles (man, it stinks when I pick wrong!), you became confused (more than usual) and you left the theater with questions. Many questions. Friends, let me tell you I know one place where you can find the answers. The book, recently released in paperback, can be had for as little as eight bucks. Why, I know people who spend more on coffee in the morning.

Besides, they tell me the book’s better than the movie anyway and isn’t that always the case (except maybe when it came to that other Tom Hanks flick)?

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