Tales from the Gridiron

knights.jpgI don't think there's a bird in America today that enjoys college football more than I do. OK, maybe there's a Hawkeye in Iowa who takes his pigskin seriously, but the point is that football is a popular pastime and there's nothing better than rooting for the home teams. Local gridiron fans — as well as those who used to be local — will get an, um, kick out of a new book that just appeared on the River City bookshelf: "Knights of the Gridiron: A History of Carleton College Football, 1883-2005" by Bob Sullivan.

Sullivan, a former Carleton football coach (1979-2000) and professor emeritus, has written a comprehensive book on the long, rich history of Carleton football.

"This book is filled with pictures, anecdotes, and interviews with former players, as well as a complete history of Carleton football," Sullivan says. "Carleton has enjoyed a long, glorious and winning football tradition and it has been a labor of love, as well as therapeutic, for me to write about it."

Sorry that I can't provide a direct link for the book. But I can tell you it's priced at $29.95 and that you can check it out, any day of the week, at the best bookstore in town.

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