Gather Around the Table

bookclub.JPGIf you’re like me (other than the part about my having feathers where you might not), you really enjoy your book club meetings. You get to spend time with good people while delving into topics of interest. Often I walk away from meetings with fresh perspective or valuable insights I would not otherwise have gleaned from my own reading of a good book. Essentially, book clubs are the fun part of school, without the exams or term papers.

One problem some groups have, though, is where to meet. You might be shocked by what I am about to say, but I have a perfectly rational answer: River City Books makes its cozy downstairs meeting area available to book clubs for the cost of the wind. It’s true!

RCB’s large, comfy chairs provide a relaxed setting for easy conversation. If you’d like, your group can bring in refreshments or, better yet, stop by Goodbye, Blue Monday (right across the street) or Cocoa Bean (two doors down) before the meeting starts so you can sip on your favorite treat during the discussion.

I stealthily flew downstairs and observed Tuesday night’s River City Fiction Book Club meeting and snapped the photograph contained in this post as members of the club made intellectually astute observations about that month’s book. Click on the image for a larger view.

Of course, if you really want to take full advantage of River City’s book club support system, you and other members of your group can also receive discounts on selected books simply by registering your club with any bookseller.

For details about discounts or to schedule a meeting time, call or e-mail amiable store manager Jon Lee (507-646-7754 or

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2 Comments on “Gather Around the Table”

  1. moseswilbur Says:

    Wait- You have feathers? Like, feathers? Did they grow out from your skin, or did you have to paste them on with gorilla glue?

  2. No glue or other artifical materials, sir. I’m 100 percent natural.

    -The Raven

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