‘Full’ of Bargains

full1.jpgThis evening I was in River City Books and I started counting all of the tables they have devoted to remainder books. It’s something like 126 tables. OK, OK, I was never very good at math in little birdie school. So there many not be quite that many. But the point is that RCB has remainders in multiple locations – upstairs and downstairs – within the store and I just love checking out their tables because there are so many great deals. I don’t have to wait for a sale in order to save.

One steal I found tonight: The Full Cupboard of Life by Alexander McCall Smith, another installment in the bestselling No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series. That Alexander McCall Smith writes faster than I can eat. He seems to have a new book on the shelves each month and, amazingly, they all draw loud applause.

Says the Wall Street Journal of the “The Cupboard of Life”: “The greatest mystery in this witty and charming book is whether Mma Ramotswe will succeed in getting her fiance to name a date for their long-anticipated wedding. It’s hard to conceive of any reader not being just as eager to find out as she is.”

Oh, I almost forgot. This terrific read is currently on sale, in hardcover, for just $7.99 at River City Books.

That’s a small enough number that even I can keep track of it.

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