An Everything’s On Sale Sale

RCBlogos.jpgJon Lee, trusted manager of River City Books, has let me in on a secret and, frankly, I cannot help but share it with you, dear devoted readers: RCB is having a huge sale this week. Huge!

That’s right. From Tuesday, June 20, to Thursday, June 22, River City is having a sale in celebration of the Summer Solstice and, well, have I mentioned yet that it’s a really, really big sale?

In fact, though I have been flying through the bookstore’s doors for more than four years, I cannot remember a larger sale. It’s not just that books are at discounted prices — as cool as that is — it’s that everything is on sale. Everything. As in, there’s nothing for sale that’s not on sale.

Here’s a complete run-down:

30 percent off all clothing

20 percent off all books, including bargain books

10 percent off CDs, DVDs, magazines and gifts

I don’t ever remember a discount on magazines before. That’s how you know it’s a big sale — even the magazines are being marked down.

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