This Just In: Shoppers Saving Bundles

summer-sale.jpgYou’ve been reading about River City Book’s Summer Solstice Sale and now I have posted a picture (right) to prove that it’s true: The sale is in full swing. At RCB, they don't put the blue sale signs up unless they mean business.

Shoppers are saving substantial sums — on regular trade books, bargain books, clothing, magazines, you name it and I have seen a customer buy and receive a discount on it.

On Tuesday night I was there as an industrious young lad brought an ambitious read to the register. Unaware of the sale — he was from out of town, not hip to this blog as of yet — he was so pleased with the discounted price that he returned to the shelves and picked out another, this time going with a favorite mystery writer.

Seriously, at these prices why wouldn’t you buy more than one item?

For example, another customer picked up four remainders, three of them hardcovers. Her total bill: $21.26. She looked at the receipt and was flabbergasted.

Friends, the wonderment continues — till 9 p.m. each night — through Thursday at RCB.

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