Hot Read: Suskind Book Getting Buzz

one-percent.jpgOne of the more insightful and important books I read two years ago was Ron Suskind’s The Price of Loyalty, which at the time garnered a great deal of attention among readers and the press. This summer Suskind, an award-winning journalist, just may once again have the hottest political book on the shelf.

Just released, you’ve likely already heard quite a bit about The One Percent Doctrine. The book’s receiving a lot of buzz because Suskind relies on unique access to former and current government officials and reveals for the first time how the U.S. government — from President Bush on down — is frantically improvising to fight a new kind of war.

You’re not likely surprised when I tell you that River City Books has this book for sale — $27 in hardcover.

Here’s more information from the book’s dust jacket:

Where is the enemy? What have been the real victories and defeats since Sept. 11? How are we actually fighting this war and how can it possibly be won? Little has been revealed about the nature of the struggle and the methods being used, but this book changes all that. Readers will, for the first time, see harrowing close calls in America where thousands of lives have been saved — and learn how terrorists have artfully adapted to America’s early successes in capturing al Qaeda operatives.

Suskind shows readers what he calls “the invisible battlefield” — a global matrix where U.S. spies race to catch soldiers of jihad before they strike. It is a real life spy thriller with the world’s future at stake.

Suskind’s report is filled with astonishing disclosures and will profoundly reframe the debate about a war that, each day, redefines America and its place in the world.

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