The Lure of the Tables

table2.jpgI was gabbing with a customer the other day and we were both in agreement. There is something strangely mysterious and powerfully appealing about the display tables at River City Books.

Let me explain: Customers walk in the door and, unless they have a specific book in mind, they are inevitably drawn to one of several tables of books located in the main area of the sales floor. These tables, adroitly arranged by store manager Jon Lee, are like powerful magnets. People linger and so often — especially if they walked in not knowing what they were in the mood to read — they find answers among the stacks of books on these tables.

Oh, sure, they usually take a gander at the national bestseller display and they peruse the local bestseller area as well. They may walk along the neatly aligned stacks or check out the line of fresh reads sitting at the counter. Yeah, customers look all around. But the tables have rare powers to draw the attention. It’s a phenomenon as yet unexplained by scientists.

As the friendly young woman I was chatting with said to me, “I am not sure what it is but there’s something about the tables. I always find at least one thing I have to buy.”

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