The Weather’s Cool … Inside

clothes.JPGIf you think this weather is hot, try wearing feathers. Honestly, if this keeps up pretty soon I’m going to do some serious plucking.

With scorchers like this one, it’s refreshing to step off the Division Street sidewalk and into the free-flowing air conditioning that’s pumping down at River City Books. After you peel yourself from the car seat and squeegee your shirt, there’s some kind of relief to be found inside among the stacks of books.

Of course, if you’re not plowing through your summer reading list as quickly as you planned — apparently, that happens to some people; life gets in the way of reading time; humans have some curious priorities, let me tell you — stop by River City anyway. At RCB they sell more than books. Greeting cards. DVDs. Magazines. Newspapers. Maps. And, don’t forget, River City has a nice supply of Carleton and St. Olaf college clothing.

You can’t have too many T-shirts on days like these, and at RCB they have various styles and sizes. Pick one up for yourself or use one as a nifty gift for a favorite student or alum.

River City also sells some pretty spiffy sweatshirts and I realize while reading this sentence you might be thinking, “who needs a sweatshirt?” Hey, it won’t be this hot forever.

It only feels that way.

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