Fresh Bargain Books Have Arrived

lucky-girls2.jpgOK, so, no, I’m not here to announce that Stephen King is coming. Or Garrison Keillor. In fact, I do not have news of another famous author bound for Northfield, as was the case each of the past two days. But, hey, I still have something positive to say. You know I do.

So here goes: A fresh batch of remainders has just arrived at River City Books! In fact, RCB’s supply of bargain books is staggering at the moment as the crew of booksellers prepares for the annual Crazy Daze onslaught. No need to wait until July 27, however, as you can find great deals right this very minute (provided you’re reading this during business hours; if not, we’ll be open in the morning).

For example, this afternoon I was in the store and snapped the included photo of Lucky Girls by Nell Freudenberger. This is a critically acclaimed collection of five stories set in Southeast Asia and on the Indian subcontinent — each one bearing the weight and substance of a short novella — narrated by young women who find themselves, often as expatriates, face to face with the compelling circumstances of adult love.

As you can see for yourself, this creative and interesting book, available in paperback, is just $5.99 at River City.

So that’s some pretty good news in its own right, wouldn’t you say?

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