It’s Going To Be Crazy

As you may have heard, Thursday’s a pretty big day in downtown Northfield and my sources inside River City Books tell me that the bookstore is planning to join the party in a big way.RCBlogos.jpg

Many in the surrounding area have come to expect RCB to have a plethora of bargain books on sale during Crazy Daze and, well, this just may be the biggest year yet for book bargains. I camped out across the street (no truth to the rumor I just really like the lattes at Blue Monday) and I have seen so many remainder orders enter the store in the last two weeks that I have run out of wings to count them on. There’ll be more books and a greater selection of titles.

You’ll find dozens of great reads at such low prices that you can buy a handful and still have money left over for a burger from the Northfield Lions Club (one of my favorite during Crazy Daze, I’ll admit), a cool treat (take your pick) and have your face painted in pretty colors.

Bargain books will be conveniently displayed on tables under a tent outside the store, starting at 7 a.m. and continuing all day and well into the late evening, past the time of the opening concert of the Vintage Band Festival, another event I’m excited about. Though the books are only on sale while supplies last. So the earlier you shop the greater the selection.

But that’s not all. You’ll want to pop your head inside the store as well because selected clothing — including T-shirts and sweatshirts — will be on sale at deeply discounted prices. There will be racks both inside and outside the store with most items on sale for 25 percent off or more.

In short, the savings at River City on Thursday will be as crazy as you want them to be.

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2 Comments on “It’s Going To Be Crazy”

  1. Ross Currier Says:

    Here’s the hottest link to Vintage Band Music Festival:

  2. Thanks a lot, Ross. You’re right, that is better.

    -The Raven

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