The Bargain Books Are Coming!

remainders2.jpgIn the dark of night Tuesday I snuck into River City Books and managed to capture this unauthorized photograph. It’s a bit grainy — not Big Foot grainy, but still you can see what lengths I had to go to show just how many bargain books are being piled up in anticipation of Crazy Daze on Thursday.

As you can see, there are so many books that a dolly needed to be used in order to haul them all around. I’m telling you, there are going to be stacks and stacks of great deals. Currently, they are being sorted and arranged for the big unveiling, which will be bright and early tomorrow morning.

Crazy Daze is one of my favorite days of the summer. There’s so much to see and do and as I roam around a crowded Division Street on days like this one I realize how great it is to live in a city that has a viable downtown — one with food, entertainment, homes, businesses and successful retail stores. River City Books may be my favorite, but it’s not the only one I frequent and support.

Hopefully the rain will hold off till Friday — it always seems to loom on this particular day of the year — and that patrons and owners alike have their best Crazy Daze yet.

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