Snapshots from a Crazy Day

pirates-fan-use.jpgThey came early. They came often. Like the heat, they came in waves. Crazy Daze, downtown Northfield’s annual celebration of special deals and summertime fun, was another blast this year.

Speaking of the weather, everyone was talking about the temps but the first half of Thursday was extremely pleasant. Those of us who arrived early in order to take full advantage of the deals to be found along Division Street were fortunate to also find a terrific morning.

family-use.jpgBy late afternoon the sun had, of course, reminded us that it had not turned down its amplifier. But by that point I had already slammed a Grundy’s burger as well as nibbles from the Lions and Tiny’s. Seemed everywhere people had a cool treat from Cocoa Bean, the Hideaway, Blue Monday, or elsewhere. I had also bumped into several friends and took advantage of the bargain tables along the street.

something-good-use.jpgOf course, I tended to take breaks from the heat under River City Books‘ big tent ’o bargains. There was more clothing at lower prices than usual and I have never seen more remainder books — both in terms of quantity and selection. People were eating them up. I know it took me a couple of hours to get through them all — and to decide which ones to purchase.

Store manager Jon Lee also did something unique this year by having a sale during the sale. That is, after 5 p.m. remaining bargain books were discounted again; placed on sale for an extra 25-percent off the already low price. Wow. It presented an interesting dilemma for the early shopper: do you risk leaving this bargain alone until after five? In the end, one could have filled a bookshelf by spending less on the books than on the shelf.

crowd-use.jpgI also managed to snap a few shots, some of which are included in this post. Hope you enjoy them. Click on each photo to enlarge.

Thanks to all those who spent so much time making the day such a fun one. Always appreciate the occasions when Northfielders gather in mass. So how many “daze” till Winter Walk?

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