Answer to the Summertime Blues

kids2.jpgWe’re at that point of the summer when young people have played ball and seen their friends, maybe attended a cool camp, or visited the grandparents for a couple weeks. They’ve been there and done that and yet it’s not quite time to go back to school. What to do with twitchy kids?

I can think of worse ideas (and more expensive ones) than bringing them down to the delightful children’s section of River City Books. There you can find all kids of neat books for nearly every age. From children under 8 to preteens, from young adults to advanced readers, RCB has a fine selection of fantasy, adventure, classics, nonfiction and books with popular culture tie-ins.

It’s one of the best sections of the store and it has to be; it’s one of the most popular. Oh, if while you’re online you want to browse some ideas of books try this great link for popular summer reads for children.

Remember, River City is open seven days a week and till 8 p.m. every weeknight. So there are plenty of opportunities to find a great book. Who knows, maybe they’ll enjoy reading so much they’ll count the days until school begins.

OK, maybe not.

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