In Case You Were Wondering …

RCBlogos.jpgIs this hardcover book also available in paperback?

It’s a question that River City Books customers ask regularly, and it’s a good question because, of course, some readers prefer paperback (and paperback’s usually lower price).

One thing I like about hanging out at RCB is that you learn a lot about books and regarding the hardcover-versus-paperback query there’s a general rule of thumb that, after all of these months, I’ve picked up by osmosis: Generally speaking, if a given book is available in paperback River City would not carry that title in hardcover exclusively.

Also, it’s usually the case that there’s a year between a book’s hardcover and paperback release dates. Meaning, if you’re considering Nora Ephron’s new collection of hilarious essays but you’d rather have the book in paperback you’ll probably have to wait until next summer.

This is a guideline more than a rule. Certainly it’s not always true as some titles, especially those that find long-term parking spots on national bestseller lists, remain in hardcover-only for months or years longer than that. (Of course, when I say “hardcover-only” I am conveniently excluding audio books.)

Hey, if you ever have a question about a book, I recommend asking the good folks at River City. I am posting this note merely because I was in the store last night and heard another person ask the question and I am finally getting around to my New Year’s resolution to try to be more helpful.

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