Never Know What You Might Find

mags.JPGThe other day I was in everybody’s favorite neighborhood bookstore and a customer grabbed hold of “Popular Mechanics” and noted that there was a story in there about Northfield. Of all the mags, “Popular Mechanics.” Who woulda thunk it?

Anyway, got me thinking that I should remind the flock that River City Books carries a goodly number of periodicals — a nice variety of magazines and newspapers — to supplement your book reading. Included are popular newsweeklies that serve scoops about current events around the world, entertainment magazines that keep you abreast on the latest about Tom Cruise’s beliefs and Britney’s kids, freebies (such as the Northfield Entertainment Guide), and newspapers, including the New York Times (they even have the Sunday edition).

Now, I can’t promise you’ll always find Northfield-related news in each of the offerings. But you never know when you might pick up a national magazine and see the old hometown.

By the way, the edition of “Popular Mechanics” with the Northfield note sold out in about a day.

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