Reading As Soon As Possible

madeline.gifI know many of you are already aware of this, but literary star Jane Hamilton will visit Northfield for a reading and book signing on Sept. 27 as part of the Northfield Reads! communitywide book club.

I have also previously mentioned that the featured book, Hamilton’s forthcoming When Madeline Was Young, is available for pre-order. I don’t mean to be a nuisance — hard as that may be for anyone to think about little old me — but I thought this morning it would be a good idea to remind you of this fact. (Not that I am insinuating anything here, I just know I would need a couple of hints.)

The window is going to be small. The books will be published Sept. 19, so those who wish to read before the event (certainly, no requirement for admission) will want to get cracking as soon as possible. River City Books manager Jon Lee has told me the store will order plenty of copies, but one way to be certain one of the first arrivals has your name on it is to pre-order.

All pre-orders are eligible for 20-percent off the cover price. To pre-order click this link and order the book as you would any other. Or call RCB at 507-646-7754. Or e-mail Lee at So it’s pretty easy.

Once again, the event will be at 7 p.m. in Olin Hall, Room 149, on the Carleton College campus. 
If you need directions to Olin Hall, stop by River City Books for a complimentary map.

Please excuse me. I am usually not this redundant. And I usually don’t repeat myself.

Say, not likely to post anything more until after the holiday. Enjoy the long weekend.

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