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Marking Fall’s Arrival With Three Titles

September 11, 2006

I finished reading a galley copy of Michael Perry’s new book. I think I might have said before I was a wee bit interested in that title. Well, since the book won’t be published for another five or so weeks — remember: pre-orders are available for 15-percent off the cover price — I’ll save my raves for another post, one closer to Perry’s visit to my favorite neighborhood bookstore.

Instead, today I move into fall. Why? Did you not go to DJJD? Man, it was cold out there. No more fooling the mind with ideas that, well, yes, technically, fall is not yet here. What I felt on my feathered face as I browsed the tasty food stands was no gasp of summer, my friends, no sir-ee.

Like me, you may be at a point where you’re considering what to read next. Maybe I can be of service because I did some digging around and found three novels that come highly recommended, each one new this fall: