A Discount for ‘Everyman,’ Woman and Child

everyman.JPGI’m not necessarily in love with the name of the Everyman Library — I wouldn’t exclude those of us who fly from the pool of potential readers — but I really like these books’ look and feel. Sit down with a volume and you know you’re reading a great piece of literature.

The latest batch of Everyman titles, which runs from Jane Austen to Virginia Woolf (and includes dozens of literary giants in between), is currently on sale at River City Books. Check them out; I think you’ll agree these spiffy hardcovers are attractive as well as enlightening.

The titles are found on a cart just inside the front door at RCB and, as you’ll see, each one contains a sticker for 15 percent off the cover price. Which is a good deal, but not the only deal. If you buy three or more Everyman’s Library titles at a time then all the Everyman books you buy will be rung up at the register at 25-percent off.

In other words, you could decorate a shelf or a room with sharp-looking classics for just a few bucks.

Whatever they’re called, I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

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