Title Almost as Hot as its Author

hope.jpgAccording to the Associated Press, when Barack Obama made his first bookstore appearance to publicize his new book, at a chain store in Chicago, people lined up three hours before the store opened and six hours before the author-Senator arrived. Apparently, the lines went around the block. Pretty amazing for someone whose book does not have the name Harry Potter anywhere in the title.

I was at River City Books on Tuesday, the day Obama’s book went on sale and, well, the excitement wasn’t quite that noticeable. Then again, the rock star-popular politician wasn’t appearing in Northfield. But the book has shown up and it’s getting good reviews.

Here’s a description of The Audacity of Hope:

Echoing themes he sounded in his extraordinary keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Senator Barack Obama speaks in this book to Americans of all stripes who are weary of the smallness of U.S. politics today, and who long for something rooted in the faith and decency of the American Dream.

In The Audacity of Hope he draws on his experience as a senator and lawyer, a professor and father, a Christian and a skeptic, to illuminate the greatness of America’s original ideals — and to remind us how vital it is to keep them before us. Along the way he explores such charged topics as globalization, the notion of American exceptionalism, the function of religion in public life, and the struggle to find a shared language in a nation torn by differences. While sharing his personal views on family, faith, and values, he argues that our very survival depends on finding common ground.

Pundits and voters alike have hailed Senator Obama as a man of uncommon vision in an age of partisan opportunism. The Audacity of Hope is a book of transforming power, a foundation for those who long for a politics that acknowledges the nobility and complexity of our lives.

Stop by RCB to pick up your copy today.

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