We’ve Got A ‘Life’

brief.jpgMemo to those participating in the hip new River City Books fiction book club: I have just been informed by Katie Goetz, moderator of the club, that copies of the selection for November, A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life, have arrived. Participating members can purchase the books for 20 percent off.

The group will discuss the book at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 14, in the lower level of the store. Those who would like to join the club can e-mail Katie (kgoetz@acs.carleton.edu) or call River City (507-646-7754) and let them know that you’d like to be added to the book club’s e-mail list.

“We’ll have some snacks,” Katie says, “a fantastic discussion and fun, so if you have a friend or two who’d like to join us they’re more than welcome.”

A few words about the selected book:

Simone’s starting her junior year in high school. Her mom’s a lawyer for the ACLU, her dad’s a political cartoonist, so she’s grown up standing outside the organic food coop asking people to sign petitions for worthy causes. She’s got a terrific younger brother and amazing friends. And she’s got a secret crush on a really smart and funny guy–who spends all of his time with another girl.

Then her birth mother contacts her. Simone’s always known she was adopted, but she never wanted to know anything about it. She’s happy with her family just as it is, thank you.

She learns who her birth mother was–a 16-year-old girl named Rivka. Who is Rivka? Why has she contacted Simone? Why now? The answers lead Simone to deeper feelings of anguish and love than she has ever known, and to question everything she once took for granted about faith, life, the afterlife, and what it means to be a daughter.

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