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bscom-logo.gifThis time of year, we’re all looking for great reads — not just for ourselves (though there’s that), but also for others. While on the hunt, I try to keep in mind that Book Sense Picks, made each month, can be very useful.

I can find Book Sense Picks online or in print form at my favorite neighborhood bookstore. These picks are not necessarily bestsellers and that’s precisely why the list is useful. After all, there are plenty of terrific reads that fly just below the radar for one reason or another — small publisher, lack of publicity, a poorly designed dust jacket, luck of the draw — and Book Sense Picks serve to catch such titles before they slip through the cracks.

These picks have been made my independent booksellers who cared enough about each book to take the time to write positive words about them.

Here are two examples of current picks — one nonfiction, the other fiction:

Big-Box Swindle: The True Cost of Mega-Retailers and the Fight for America’s Independent Businesses
By Stacy Mitchell.
“This definitive study of the consequences of uncontrolled big box development opens our eyes to the myriad ways big box stores affect our lives: creating low-paying jobs, decimating downtowns, degrading our environment, fueling suburban sprawl, and diminishing community life. Mitchell shows us the true cost of the ‘bargains’ that many still think they are getting, and she also shares stories of communities that have found ways to counter the big box stores and build healthy, sustainable local economies.” -Steve Bercu, Book People, Austin, Texas

The World to Come
By Dara Horn
“With the theft of a million-dollar Chagall painting, Horn takes the reader back to a Jewish orphanage in 1920s Russia and follows the painting and those attached to it to the suburbs of New Jersey, to Vietnam, and back to the Museum of Hebraic Art. She weaves a tale of unimaginable tragedy, haunting beauty, and simple imagery, just like the painting itself.” -Janet Bollum, The Muse Book Shop, Deland, Florida

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