Calling All Book Club Members

rcblogos.jpgAll right, I’m back. Did you miss me? Perhaps you had a turkey leg to keep you company. I got my fill as well. Had some of the best apple pie I’ve ever tasted. And I’ve tasted my fair share. I know you know I’m not lying.

So one holiday down, a few more to go. But wait just a second before you zip to the end of next month. At River City Books they are having a holiday-like evening as soon as tomorrow night.

Well, you’ll feel that way if you’re a member of a local book club. Let me set these leftovers aside and try to explain. At 7 p.m., tomorrow night (Tuesday, Nov. 28), RCB is hosting a little soiree for loyal customers who happen to belong to book clubs. The gathering will feature booksellers who will give the lowdown on some book club-friendly titles — fiction, nonfiction and young adult — discounts, treats and more.

River City has always been a supporter of book clubs — by offering discounts to clubs that order their books at RCB and by providing a free venue for meetings. The gathering tomorrow night is just another way to help out local clubs and, if you have time, consider stopping by. Should be a fun event. Like a holiday. Sorta.

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