More Space For More Good Stuff

space.JPGOne thing folks have always remarked about ever since River City Books opened its doors is how nicely the store is designed. From the way the shelves display books to the tables on the sales floor to the authentic, Northfield-historic photographs along the walls, it’s all good. When I walk into RCB I know I am not in just any old bookstore that could be in any town in America. Can’t say the same in a lot of places.

Best thing is that during its five-plus years in business, RCB has continued to retain its look while simultaneously adapting to provide more, even in a limited space, to those of us who shop there. I was in the other night and saw a substantial change made to the interior wall, near where the magazine stand is located. Regulars will recall that this used to be a place for clothing. RCB still has clothing, but it’s been moved downstairs to make room for more books. It’s a terrific move, if you ask me, because several latest-greatest titles on are the wall and it’s hard not to notice them as soon as you walk in the door. A lot of great gift ideas in that mix.

I snapped some shots of this revamped wall, but I couldn’t get it all in. Not even close. So next time you’re strolling down Division Street, consider popping your head in and see for yourself.

Plus, it’s warm inside.

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