Gift Idea of the Week: Stuff for Stockings

stuffers.JPGToday my ongoing effort to help you finish your holiday shopping without losing your mind is intended to tackle one of those yearly quandaries. No, I have no answer for you about as to why “Charlie Brown Christmas” is broadcast in November. In fact, the annual conundrum I am speaking about here is stockings. Specifically, how one goes about stuffing them.

At River City Books, I recently discovered, they have some answers. I’ve selected four among the masses and present them below. No tips necessary. I get a discount.

Silent Night by Stanley Weintraub. A poignant account of the day one of the worst of wars took a holiday. A true story that reads like a novel.

Amazing Peace: A Christmas Poem by Maya Angelou. A beautiful, deeply moving poem that inspires us to embrace the peace and promise of Christmas, so that hope and love can once again light up our holidays and the world. “Angels and Mortals, Believers and Nonbelievers, look heavenward,” she writes, “and speak the word aloud. Peace.”

Holidays on Ice: Stories by David Sedaris. A series of hysterical Christmas stories, both old and new, from the comedian who made his name with “The Santaland Diaries.” Just make sure your mouth is not full of eggnog while reading this one.

The Little Book of Snowflakes by Kenneth Libbrecht. This little book includes huge microphotographs of real snowflakes, showing the amazing beauty and science behind nature’s creations.

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