Don’t Have to Decide on Just One

conroy.JPGSpeaking of great gift ideas, this isn’t an official Gift Idea of the Week™ entry, but River City Books recently got in more than one batch of new bargain books. As regular customers know, RCB has three tables of bargains near the front door. And if you walk downstairs you’ll find several more tables full.

The other day I spent some time poking around these tables and spotted several great deals. Among the best was Pat Conroy’s My Losing Season, which comes with a winning price tag — just $5.99 in hardcover. Friends, this book by the author of Prince of Tides originally retailed at $27.95.

In this book, Conroy has written an American classic about young men and the bonds they form, about losing and the lessons it imparts, about finding one’s voice and one’s self in the midst of defeat. And in his trademark language, we see the young Conroy walk from his life as an athlete to the writer the world knows him to be.

Says The Washington Post Book World: “A superb accomplishment, maybe the finest book Pat Conroy has written.”

Hey, with books at these prices, I can afford to give more than one!

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