The Answer to Your Problem

picks2.JPGFor many, this is crunch time. And, no, I am not taking about rice crispies. You need a great gift fast. Preferably yesterday. You don’t want to spend a lot of money. But you want something you can feel good about. Elbowing your way through hoards at some mall — shop local! — is not appealing. And the game’s on. Or the child needs help with homework. Point is, this needs to happen without taking the better part of a day.

I hear you.

And I know how to ease your pain. River City Books has a full display of current books that are all on sale for 25 percent off. We’re talking history. Fiction. Children’s. Memoir. Politics. I think I saw a bestselling sports book in the mix. This is some good stuff. How do I know? I know because that’s the point of the display. RCB booksellers hand-selected some of their favorite titles and slapped a discount tag on them. They wouldn’t have done that with any old books — only books that struck a cord.

I have included a pick that includes some of the titles currently on sale. For the full list, stop by the store any day of the week (display changes monthly). Especially if you need a great gift in short order.

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