Gift Idea of the Week: Whip Out the Plastic

cards.JPGThis week’s gift idea is somewhat radical. In fact, in some quarters I will be poo-pooed. Called names. Some may even spit at me through their computer screens. But I will say it because someone needs to.

Gift cards make great gifts.

Yes, it’s true some people give them only as a last resort. They are, for others, a copout. An admission of failure. A way to shop without really having to use the old noodle. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I know the thing at the top of my material wish list this holiday season is a Book Sense gift card. There’s simply nothing better. When I get a Book Sense gift card I am able to go to ye ol’ neighborhood bookstore and browse knowing full well that whatever riveting read I settle on will already be paid for. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing and, quite frankly, I am tired of people giving this wonderment such a bad name.

At River City Books, you can purchase a Book Sense card usable at any Book Sense store for any dollar denomination. And, trust me, the person on the receiving end will be grateful.

You think they’ll be saying to themselves, “I guess they didn’t think I was worth shopping for.”

Really, though, they’ll be saying, “Thank goodness. I’ve had my eye on that new Richard Ford novel and, besides, I am all stocked up on fruitcake.”

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