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Time Is Flying — Off the Shelves

December 29, 2006

cals.JPGHey, I’m back. Refreshed and ready just in time to post an entry or two before … taking another holiday break! I hope you and yours are enjoying the season as much I have been and that with all of the hustle and bustle you’ve taken time to crack open a good book or two. Even when life gets crazy, we must take time for the good things — especially then. Or at least that’s what my birdie therapist says.

Speaking of time, there’s a sale in progress down at everyone’s favorite bookstore and it involves the counting of days, weeks and months. That’s right, every calendar — from the large wall variety to the page-a-days — is on sale. There are holiday books on discount, too.

I snapped this photograph of a display of calendars. Couldn’t get them all in a single frame. In fact, couldn’t get most of them in. So this is but a sampling. Like an appetizer before the ham comes. If you want to see them all, well, I am afraid you’ll just have to walk down to 306 Division and check them out.

Besides, about now, after the holiday sustenance, you could maybe use some exercise about now. At least I know I am past due.