New Picks for a New Year

pix.JPGMichael Perry. Richard Ford. Erik Larson. Donna Leon. David Sedaris. No, that’s not just a collection of heavy-hitting authors. It’s also a listing — partial at that — of authors whose books are on sale for 25 percent off at the just-updated River City Books staff selections corner.

As you know, because you read my posts to this space as if they were as necessary as the sun, each month at RCB store manager Jon Lee displays a group of about 15 or 20 titles that booksellers have read and loved enough to make them official staff picks. Then for that month the selected titles are placed on sale. I think of it as the best idea since the picnic lunch (scraps!) because here I get to peruse books that I know someone loves and yet if I decide to buy one — or three; there’s no limit beyond the self-imposed kind — I receive a substantial savings.

To see additional titles, check out the accompanying picture. But I warn you: there are even more staff-selected books in the store.

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