That’s Where That Smile Came From

best-of-06.JPGIf, as you stroll along Division Street you see a surprising number of contented faces about town, there is a reason: Everyone in Northfield has read Henry Emmons’ The Chemistry of Joy. OK, so maybe not everyone in Northfield has read the book, but a good many have. How do I know? Because last night I checked out River City Books’ display of the bestselling books for all of 2006. Incidentally, right after I did so another customer walked in and bought the book. I swear I didn’t make that up.

Emmons’ book is No. 1 on the wall. There are also many other great reads that sold well in our comely community — whether or not they were national bestsellers — during 2006. The “What Northfield is Reading” display has long been a popular spot at RCB and maybe never more than at the start of a new year. If you want to check out other titles on the list, click on the accompanying thumbnail or stop by the store. Among other things, these hot reads provide an excellent antidote for cold nights.

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