Digging Out From Under

young.jpgMy sincerest apologies. I have been under the weather and, to be frank, I am still climbing back to as close to normal as I get. So the updates have been slow. I have gotten behind. This has caused you anxiety. I am sorry. So sorry.

In my absence the River City Books fiction book club met and discussed Housekeeping by Marilyn Robinson, a book I read thinking I might be able to make the meeting. But alas. If you haven’t checked out this early work by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Gilead, I highly recommend it.

The club also made its March selection — When All the World was Young, a memoir by Barbara Holland. A publisher-produced blurb about this book: “Mixing tales of an autocratic stepfather, a brilliant, reclusive mother, and a houseful of siblings with jump-rope rhymes and dangerous sled runs, teachers both wise and weird, and a child’s-eye view of war, Holland gives readers a unique and sharp-eyed look at history and the world of childhood as it used to be.”

I’ll keep trying to play catch up. You keep throwing an extra log on the fire.

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