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New Bargains in the House

February 9, 2007

remainder1.JPGOne good thing about being knocked off your feet is the fact that there’s time for reading. Luckily for me, I had browsed River City Books’ remainder tables prior to shutdown. Recently, they got fresh batches of bargain books and I was especially excited to see a collection of short stories from one of my very favorite writers — Women With Men by Richard Ford — that was on sale for the miniscule price of $3.98. Here’s a guy with a Pulitzer and Pen Faulkner award on his mantel. I didn’t find this collection as engrossing, say, as Independence Day or The Lay of the Land, but to me Ford is like pizza — some batches are better than others, but it’s never bad. And, hey, that’s just one of many new titles worth checking out.