This Book Sense Pick is ‘Deep’

storm.jpgI was just catching up with a copy of the latest installment of the Book Sense picks and it reminded me that Lincoln Child has a new book out. Child, of course, appeared at River City Books in 2006 and treated a crowd to a terrific event. Often he writes his thrilling tales with a writing partner. But, as he told those of us lucky enough to attend that night, he was in the process of completing a solo novel. He even read a few pages from that book, Deep Storm, which just made a Book Sense pick for February:

“Peter Crane, an ex-Navy doctor, is urgently summoned to a remote oil platform in the North Atlantic, where he is faced with unexplained sicknesses in an archaeological project called Deep Storm, located far underneath the ocean. While Crane is told that the lost continent of Atlantis has been discovered, he also realizes that the true scope of the project includes much more. Throw in saboteurs, military zealots, and heart-pounding action and you have a great read.” -Linda Rae Erickson, Mysterious Galaxy Books, San Diego, Calif.

For a gratis copy of all Book Sense picks, stop by River City Books.

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