Another Nice Northfield Reads! Night

strayed.JPGThose who ventured out on a cool Sunday night to listen to Cheryl Strayed read from and discuss her acclaimed novel Torch really got a treat. Strayed talked about growing up in small-town Minnesota (“in a county with one stoplight,” she said), the way her own life influenced the novel, discussed the writing process and fielded questions from readers. She also read the first chapter and I don’t know how anyone listening to it wouldn’t want to read the rest of the book. It grabs you by the collar (if you’re among those who wears collars). Afterward, Strayed signed copies of her book and I have included a photo of such an exchange (click on to enlarge). I may be able to post some audio in the next couple of days as well so check back.

Thanks to Ms. Strayed for participating in Northfield Reads! She was an excellent presenter of her novel — witty, engaging and gracious — and we were lucky to have her visit.

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