Starting the Week Out Right

spragg.JPGAs I’ve always said, Mondays are good days for bargains. A fresh week. Full of promise. What better way to begin again than by picking up a great book and saving a few bucks in the process? I don’t think there’s an argument against that way of thinking. And if there is, keep it to yourself. I am not sure I want to hear it.

At River City Books they keep ordering more and better bargain books. It actually tips my head back when I go in there to browse. Seems like every day there’s something exciting and new. Like Mark Spragg’s The Fruit of Stone. The fiction debut of the man who wrote An Unfinished Life is the story of the lifelong friendship between two men and their love for the woman who eludes them. The book received such praise that at the time it was named a Book Sense pick:

“After reading Spragg’s exquisite collection of essays about his boyhood in Wyoming, I knew there would be a novel from this hugely talented writer. And here it is, a beautiful work of fiction. It is about regret and redemption in the vast American West, and Spragg’s prose is masterful.” -Stan Hynds, Northshire Bookstore, Manchester Center, Vt.

The worst part is not the price, either — just $5.98 in hardcover. Not a bad deal for a Monday.

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