What Did I See?

cart.JPGAh, spring! Tuesday was so nice I didn’t do any writing. Sorry about that. I just couldn’t get enough outside time. Each year it seems the return of warm weather is more pleasurable than it was the year before. I realize it’s not supposed to be balmy the next day or two. But we have to believe the worst is behind us. Good riddance!

Scientists have long recognized that one sure sign of spring is the return of bargain carts to the sidewalk outside River City Books and — bingo — there they were on Tuesday. Cool. I snapped this photo in the evening, when customers were still arriving in shirtsleeves. But not only are the bargain carts back, I noticed something important: There are some really, really great discounts on those carts — a bunch of remainders at $.99, $1.99 and $2.99. Wow.

Next time you stroll down main street, might want to check them out. Even if all you’re looking for is an excuse to stand outside and soak it all in.

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