What’s Selling In This Town?

top-sellers.JPGWhat are my fellow Northfielders reading? I know that question keeps some of you up nights. Alas, there is an answer! Recently, I spotted River City Books booksellers updating the wall they have devoted to “What Northfield is Reading” — a collection of the top-selling books for all of 2007 (so far). Let me tell you there are some great reads on that wall. Just check out the picture I have included in this post (click on for a larger view). I couldn’t get all of the books in one frame, but you get the idea. Oh, and you may wonder: What book is No. 5? I would tell you, but it’s sort of a secret. RCB is sold out of that title at the moment — as is every store in the free world — but they are supposed to get more copies in soon and when they do you can be sure I’ll ring the metaphorical bell.

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