Three Newbies To Check Out

It’s been awhile since I perused the list of Book Sense picks, but when I finally got around to it last night I found three titles that look especially tasty. Perhaps you might like to give them a gander next time you stop by a bookstore approved of by nine of ten dentists.

love-me.jpgYou Don’t Love Me Yet: A Novel by Jonathan Lethem.
” An entertaining story of twenty-somethings-dangerously- close-to-thirty in L.A. who are hip, but clueless. Lucinda quits her barrista job to answer a telephone complaint line as part of an art installation and connects with The Complainer, whose creative laments are transformed into brilliant, original songs for her band. When The Complainer wants in on the action everyone is sent scrambling.” -Lyn Roberts, Square Books, Oxford, Mississippi

economy.jpgDeep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future by Bill McKibben. “Deep Economy challenges the reader to imagine a future of thriving local economies where people act in community, instead of according to their own isolated best interests. McKibben shows how people have envisioned and are living in contrast to the relentlessly pursued ideal that more is better. He gives readers inspiration, tools, hopes, and a good, strong call to action.” Linda Ramsdell, The Galaxy Bookshop, Hardwick, Vt.

remainder.jpgRemainder: A Novel by Tom McCarthy. “The narrator, becoming extremely rich after an accident that causes memory loss, uses his wealth to reenact things he might remember or events he witnessed. Buying and renovating buildings, hiring role players, always looking for perfection through endless repetitions, he narrator and even his hired ‘facilitator’ are losing touch with reality, which leads to a surprising and blockbuster ending.” -Jean Paul Adriennsen, Water Street Books, Exeter, N.H.

Click here for a full slate of current Book Sense picks.

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