Listen to Harry Potter’s Last Words

hp7.JPGAs faithful readers know, I continue to dig around for scoops about the next (and last) edition of paper gold, er, um the Harry Potter series. This just in: Not only will there be regular hardcover and deluxe editions of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when the curtain is unveiled in approximately 117 days, 9 hours and 43 and a half minutes — who’s counting with me? — there also will be an audiobook version. This unabridged audiobook will clock in at more than 21 hours and take up 17 CDs and 12 cassettes. That’s a long car trip.

In case you’re wondering, Grammy-award winner Jim Dale, who narrated the audios of the first six Harry Potter titles, is recording this one, too.

Of course, River City Books continues to offer deep discounts on all formats. Pre-ordering is fast, easy and free. Stop by 306 Division Street or call 507-646-7754. And don’t forget these three words: Harry Potter Party.

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