Listen To the Poets: Part I

walker.jpgThough I blogged incessantly about the event, and though I sent notices to every media outlet I could think of, I honestly did not know what to expect when I showed up to The Contented Cow on Thursday night to listen to Open-Mike Poetry Night, co-sponsored by River City Books and The Cow. I was more than mildly surprised — in a good way. The crowd was larger than I expected and more lively. The poetry was at times inspiring; there was a call to action; and in many cases we were all simply forced to giggle at some humorous odes to life and love. One guy even read some verse by none other than Mr. Spock. Man, that cracked me up. Click below to listen to RCB bookseller and poetry maven Stephanie Walker (pictured) read from her poetry during the event. Additional audio and photographs to come.

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One Comment on “Listen To the Poets: Part I”

  1. poetry lover Says:

    That’s actually a really fine poem!!

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