Listen to the Poets: Part II

poet2.jpgThe thing I appreciate about events like open-mike poetry night is that I get the opportunity to hear concise, thought-inducing words fill up my ears. I don’t always follow every line — sometimes I am still in the first stanza savoring a clever phrase that spoke to me while the writer has long moved on — and I’m not sharp enough (shuddup!) to unpack all the good stuff a great poem has to offer (those of us in the ornithological sect are visual learners). But I don’t have to be to get something out of it. I get a type of pleasure from the spoken word that I don’t receive from the printed page. Plus, it’s just fun to be around writerly types in an atmosphere that is anything but stuffy and pretentious. I am telling you, you don’t have to spend every Saturday night reading Shakespeare to take part — and have a hoot — in such an entertaining evening.

Speaking of which, there is more where that came from. I see that the Northfield Arts Guild is sponsoring something called Potluck of Poems this Friday night. Looks great. Plus, River City Books poetry maven Stephanie Walker reports that the store is hosting an informational meeting about a new River City Books poetry book club with an eye on additional open-mike poetry nights at The Cow.

Click below to hear another poem from Thursday night (in this case, the poet reading is different from the one pictured).

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