A Wall of Bargains

remainder-wall.jpgAren’t Adam Gurno’s book reports great? I, for one, think they are. And I say that not just because once in awhile they provide some online ink for little old me. I appreciate reading the other submissions and it’s terrific when books — no matter their source — receive attention in the crowded world of cyberspace.

As you likely saw, this week’s report featured titles in River City Books’ current batch of bargain books. So I thought I would play off that theme with this photo (click to enlarge; if only my brain were so malleable!), which also offers continuation from what I was discussing the other day: some changes at RCB.

In addition to the store’s ongoing bargain basement and the tables of bargain books near the front of the store, there is now — and this is new — two large displays of bargains near the newsstand. Just last night I was talking with a fellow customer about some great deals on that wall — she found one on her own and took my recommendation on a second title — and I certainly appreciate the prices. But I also think the display is visually appealing in its own right. Wouldn’t you agree?

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One Comment on “A Wall of Bargains”

  1. Adam Gurno Says:

    Thanks, Raven. RCB is always, always on the ball with the book reports. The others?… most of the time they need a little prodding.

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