Fiction Club Meets (For Real) Tomorrow Night

suite1.jpgI would be remiss without a reminder that the ambitious and welcoming River City fiction book club will meet tomorrow night — 7 p.m., Tuesday, May 1 — in the store’s downstairs meeting area. The book to be read is Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky, a gripping tale with its own hard-to-believe back story about how it was finally published after all these years.

The RCB fiction club’s meeting kicks off a big week of book club gatherings at the store. If you haven’t yet joined a club, I’d urge you to consider doing so. They are fun, free and full of fine folks. Some of them even eat food, to use another word that starts with the letter F. All also receive deep discounts, though that’s switching to D-words.

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2 Comments on “Fiction Club Meets (For Real) Tomorrow Night”

  1. Jen Casey Says:

    Book recommendation for book clubs: “When We Get There” by Shauna Seliy. Just out, I just read it and would love to discuss with others …. are you taking suggestions? It’s a beautiful, complex “coming of age” story.

  2. Thanks a lot, Ms. Casey. I have passed along your suggestion to Sue, the RCB bookseller who moderates the fiction club. Indeed, selection suggestions are always welcome. Hope you can join the club for a future meeting — it’s a fun group.

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