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Five Questions: Patrick Mader (Audio)

May 30, 2007

packy1.jpgRecently, I had a chance to speak with Northfield author Patrick Mader about his latest book, Oma Finds a Miracle. Mr. Mader and I chatted following the release party for his book. You can listen to this exclusive interview by clicking below or by subscribing to the River City Books podcast via iTunes (see sidebar at right). Thanks to Mr. Mader for obliging my five questions.


Not too Late: Join the Club

May 29, 2007

collins.jpgA quick reminder to those of you who might be a little behind today given the long and beautiful weekend (can’t trust those weather people as far as I can wing ‘em): The fledgling River City Books poetry book club will meet tonight — at 7 p.m., Tuesday, May 29 in River City Books’ downstairs meeting area — to discuss Billy Collins’ The Trouble with Poetry, recently released in paperback.

This is the first book the new club has discussed. Future suggestions always welcome.

The club is free and open to the public and participants receive 20 percent off selected titles. 

Just show up or, if you prefer, give the store a call (507-646-7754).

Article on Summer Reading Ideas

May 28, 2007

images.jpgFYI: There was an useful piece in the Strib’s book section yesterday that you might want to check out if you’re looking for reading ideas.

Sights and Sounds: A ‘Miracle’ Released

May 26, 2007

board.jpgI was fortunate to be among those who gathered in River City Books’ downstairs meeting area earlier today for the official release party for Oma Finds a Miracle, the second book by author Patrick “Packy” Mader and illustrator Andrew Holmquist.

andrew.jpgMader, a Northfield resident and Holmquist, who grew up in Northfield, delivered a touching, informative and funny presentation of their new book and the family — Mader’s — on which the delightful tales are based. About 40 people listened on as the pair discussed the process used to create their stories and illustrations, and fielded questions from readers.

berry-good.jpgOf course, both the author and illustrator signed copies of “Oma Finds a Miarcle” and their previous book, Opa and Oma Together. There was also a cornucopia of sugar as the Mader family brought berries, cookies and doughnuts — appropriate given story lines from the books — and RCB store manager Jon Lee provided juice and cookies.

Put it together and it was a terrific event. For those who didn’t make it, I snapped a few shots (click to enlarge) and captured audio, which you can listen to by clicking below or subscribing via iTunes.

Calling Ya On Down

May 25, 2007

rcblogo.jpgI am using my special call — yes, ravens have calls; we just don’t use them as often as those noisy birds who have nothing better to do than beak off — to the good folks at for mentioning the cool event at River City Books tomorrow morning. If you haven’t yet made plans — face it, Idol‘s over and the rain looks like it may stay awhile — consider dropping on by for the big bash. And, if you do make it, try to remember to bring a young person in your life. I think he or she would really like this new book. Plus, I’m hearing a mad rumor about cookies.

If He Tempts You … The Place to Turn

May 24, 2007

reason.jpgIf you watch the tube in late evening hours tonight there’s an excellent chance you’re going to spot Al Gore. The former vice president turned global warming educator will be on the “Daily Show,” the “Charlie Rose Show” and “Late Night with David Letterman.”

That’s the schedule of a candidate, but, no, he’s not running (as far as I know). Instead, he’s promoting his new book, The Assault on Reason. In case you’re wondering, yes, our favorite store has copies, as you can see from the photo I have included in this post.

Three Words: Free Travel Guide

May 23, 2007

rough.jpgWhen I think of summer, I think of flying. No, not only on the strength of my feathered wings, but also with the aid of the big steal bird zooming high in the sky. It’s the time of the year to go new places and see new things.

At the old neighborhood bookstore, they’ve got a deal going right now that helps fellers like you and me do just that. As you can see from this photo I snapped on Tuesday night (click on to enlarge) the store has a new display with dozens of travel guides published by the good folks at Rough Guide. These pocket-sized guides include tourist highlights for places all over the globe. North, south, east, west whatever direction you’re headed in this summer — in my case, upside down — you might want to take a gander at this display.

Best part is that if you buy two of these reasonably priced items you can take a third free.