A Countdown and A Look Around

book-lights.jpgI mentioned in a previous post that I would be scribbling again at some point about changes that have been made at my favorite bookish haunt. Today is that anticipated day. Another recent shift was that the small slat wall that regulars well know used to contain general music — near the far register — is now devoted to large trade books (there’s now too much music for that space).

And the adjacent area, where the selection of St. Olaf tunes used to be, is now filled with maps and miscellaneous gift items, including nifty book lights and postcards of this comely community.

bush2.jpgI snapped the included photo (click on to enlarge) so you can see some of what I mean. Since this picture was developed, however, yet another addition has been made to this revamped potpourri of goodness: RCB has started selling those funny new “Backwards Bush” keychain clocks the young kids have been talking about.

The clocks automatically count down to Bush’s last day in office — January 20, 2009, if you don’t already have the timer set. They are pretty funny little items and make great gifts for those who appreciate having tangible proof of at least one timetable that is not, at least currently, in dispute.

And, if you are pro-Bush, the clock is adjustable. So you can, literally, make time stop. Or at least try. Good luck with that.

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One Comment on “A Countdown and A Look Around”

  1. Andy Alt Says:

    Will the clocks then be worthless after Inauguration Day 2009? And are you sure they won’t try to keep running, or self-destruct without warning causing countless casualties and fatalities?

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