Come! Listen! Enjoy!

max.jpgI have just been handed an important announcement:

Claire Buchwald, author of the recently published popular children’s book Max Talks to Me (Sit! Stay! Read!), will visit River City Books at 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 9, to read from her book and talk to young readers. The public is welcome to this free event.

“Max Talks to Me” is the story of Alex and his dog, Max, who are true friends — the kind that share each other’s excitement, comfort each other when they are sad, wait together when parents are away, and have fun wherever they are. Alex is learning that every good relationship is a two-way street. By observing and listening to his dog, by sharing good times and bad, he and Max are earning each other’s love and devotion.

Parents appreciate the information about animal communication and the dog-child bond that they find throughout the book. Children enjoy sharing Max and Alex’s adventures over and over as they read a gentle, engaging story and look at artist Karen Ritz’s beautiful illustrations.

Buchwald, who has a PhD in communication, lives in Bloomington with her husband, three children, dog and cat. The author of “The Great Mitzvah-Go-Round” and “The Puppet Book,” she is currently working a nonfiction book on the power of imagination, reading, and pretend play in children’s lives.

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