Hoping They Promise Tax Cuts for Bird Seed

political.jpgIf you look at your calendar closely you’ll see that it is not, in fact, June 21 — the longest day of 2007. No, that is a mirage. In fact, it’s November 2008.

Well, at least it seems that way, given that the race for president is already in overdrive. And we’re just starting summer! Of the year before the election!

But it’s campaign season because the polls (or, if you prefer, bestseller lists) are telling us it is so. The ads are out, the TV talking heads are bobbing at a good clip, and, well, there are a bevy of political books to choose from as you can see from this photo I took at the neighborhood bookstore the other night (they don’t really shelve them this way — I cheated).

For example, you could read this one. Or this one. Don’t forget this guy. Or the rock star. Then, of course, you have your pick on one or the other books about Hillary.

Hey, if you ask me, it’s far better to dig into one of these books than watching the non-news readers talking fast on the tube. But I’m biased. And I don’t have cable.

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